Sea Bea

Written and Illustrated by Emrys Huntington

Title Page

Sea Bea Written and Illustrated by Emrys Huntington

Page 1

Since you don’t know Bea, we’ll start at the beginning,
Around the time she was taking up swimming.

Page 2

Bea tells whale tales and sculpts sea beasts out of dough,
But one look at the waves and in, she won’t go.

Page 3

Bea is brave, but the ocean’s still bigger;
Instead of swimming, she’d become a digger.

Page 4

Her plans for her sandcastle were a million to one.
Her shovel was trusty, but her bucket was gone.

Page 5

Mom said, “It can’t have gone far. Your toys
Don’t have legs. Why don’t you ask the boys?”

Page 6

When Bea was in trouble she knew what to do,
“Uni,” she asked, “have you got a clue?”
With his horn in the air and his hooves in the ocean,
The unicorn said, “This wave took it, that’s my notion.”

Page 7

Bea said, “I don’t like the water, don’t want to get in;
The beach isn’t better: too much sand on my skin.
There are hermit crabs snapping under the kelp
And sea urchins that make me jump with a yelp.

Page 8

Even the gulls swoop too low to snatch up the fish.”
So the unicorn said, “I’ll grant you one fishy wish.”

Page 9

Bea saw the best chance to get back her bucket.

Page 10

“Turn my beach towel into a magic carpet!
And take me down deep to where the sea lions swim,
Mom and Dad are napping and won’t miss a thing.”

Page 11

Uni warned, “The only way there is to jump off the pier.”
Bea replied, “That’s something I don’t want to hear.”
The diving board reached out into empty space
And Bea knew she was no high-diving ace.

Page 12

She had chickened out before and thought she’d fall,
But this time, with her unicorn,

Page 13

Bea made a cannonball.

Page 14

When Bea was in trouble she knew how to play.
“Uni,” she gulped, “there’s no time for delay:
The waves are high and the water’s too deep to tread,”
So the unicorn said, “Please, ride on me instead,”

Page 15

“We’ll travel to the sea lion’s court to tell your tale
And ask the king and queen what’s become of your pail.”

Page 16

“But before we’re off, I have to make one change.

Page 17

Turning my tail into a fin feels so strange.”

Page 18

Then, down, down they raced on a road of water
To the grand sea ball to see the ocean’s daughters.

Page 19

Each fish looked extravagant in her ball gown,

Page 20

While one princess wore the most peculiar crown.

Page 21

Here comes the parade to the underwater ball

Page 22

“All undersea creatures, come one, come all!”
Called the dolphin trumpeting on the nautilus horn
Who, blowing too hard, accidentally whipped up a storm.

Page 23

Octopi, squid, seal and eel, all were pulled into the whirl.

Page 24

It was aquatic disaster: even the clam swallowed his pearl.

Page 25

When Bea was in trouble it always worked out well.
“Uni,” she asked, “Could you get me a shell?

Page 26

Then, the orca’s call echoed off the ocean floor
And Uni yelped, “Fish! Let’s flee for the shore.”

Page 27

They raced to the surface, the party was done,
Snagged on the unicorn’s horn, the bucket spun.

Page 28

Bea caught a conch’s seashell and blew
The maelstrom into a tidal pool.

Page 29

With saltwater stinging her eyes and bucket in hand
Bea marched triumphantly back onto the sand.
Rubbing her eyes, she asked Mom and Dad,
“Do you know about the adventure we’ve had?”

Page 30

Mom replied, “We? Little thing, it’s time for a nap,
You’ve had enough water,” and Bea crawled into her lap.
When Bea was dreaming, she knew what to do,
“Uni,” she mumbled, “Tomorrow, something new?”

Page 31

“Whatever you wish, Bea, but first swim through the night,
Dream of flying fishes. In the morning, we’ll take flight.”

Copyright 2013. All images, photographs, illustrations, painting and text belong to Emrys Huntington.